Our resinbound driveways and patios are stunning and a great alternative to block paving, tarmac, gravel and shingle.

  • Anti slip
  • Will not fade in the sun
  • Smooth flawless finish
  • Endless colour combinations
  • Installed on top of your existing paving
  • Great for irregular shaped areas
  • Resistant to weed growth
  • Resistant to oil and petrol stains
  • Eco friendly
  • Bespoke look to any home

A resinbound application is made up of aggregates mixed together with a strong UV resin. Aggregates such as granite and quartz are chosen for their shape, size and colour and then mixed thoroughly together before being hand laid onto your existing driveway or hard base.

The mixture is really flexible, and any type of shape, motif or design can be incorporated into the driveway design. Customers can choose just one colour or blend a few colours together to enhance their property.

Speak to a member of our friendly team who will be able to show you recently completed applications made from the resinbound mixture so you can see for yourself how stunning this material is. We offer a free design and planning service to help you decide on what style would best suit your property.

All our resinbound driveways are fully guaranteed and will come with a flawless finish that will be the envy of many a friend and neighbour.

Not just for driveways, choose resinbound for your next patio, pathways, shed base, children's play area, entrance or even as a tree pit, the limitations of this product are endless.

So, for a stunning alternative to tarmac, give Home Counties Driveways & Patios Ltd a call today on either Hertfordshire, Essex or London numbers, we look forward to working with you to enhance your property and add value to it.